The Women

In 1869, Theodore Tilton, an editor of The Independent, declared the devotion of the journal to justice and truth: “Another peculiarity of this journal to which we allude is one which its readers must long ago have noticed–namely, the equal number of men and women who write for its columns. Literature no longer rightfully belongs to man alone; woman claims a just and equal share in it. In conducting THE INDEPENDENT we recognize this claim. The contributions of women are oftentimes the brightest gems that glitter on these pages” (The Independent, 20 December, 1869).

Lucy Stone commented in a letter to William H. Ward, “I appreciate always the friendly items I see in the Independent about the women’s cause, and always feel ‘thank you’ and I do not say it.” Some years later, Rebecca Harding Davis named The Independent the most accepting of “freedom of expression” of comparable journals (Harris 1991, 270).

Harris, Sharon. 1991. Rebecca Harding Davis and American Realism. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.